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Weekly Class Schedule

Welcome to our yoga and wellness space! At Radha Yoga L.A. we are dedicated to providing affordable wellness to all bodies and people regardless of ability, age, size, race, or sexual orientation.

We invite you to join us for all levels yoga, nourishing workshops, and to learn healing practices to compliment your daily living. 

Upcoming Workshops + Events


Restorative & Massage

September 28th, 7 - 8:30PM

Infused Restorative & Massage with Minelli Eustacio and Chioma Nwosu

A space for self maintenance through restorative yoga, feel-good adjustments and optional plant medicine to ease aches and pains.

Shiva Sadhana Cannabis Circle

October 5th, 5 - 7PM

Shiva Sadhana Cannabis Circle with Nico Schwalbe

A conscious cannabis offering based on the traditional ceremonial use of plant medicine in ascetic Shiva yogic lineages.

This workshop is a cannabis ceremony featuring an introduction to the traditional uses of cannabis among ascetics, breath work, Kirtan, mantra meditation, and self-reflection.

Yoga Adjustment Clinic

for instructors

October 12th, 1 - 3PM

Yoga Adjustment Clinic

For yoga instructors to practice intentional touch and yoga adjustments on real bodies and receive constructive feedback!


EveryBODY is welcome to explore their inner self through the ancient practice of yoga and mindfulness.  Our classes aim to guide you through breath work and postures, geared towards calming the mind and strengthening the body.  Anyone can learn these techniques and practice regularly.  We challenge you to expand your body, your mind, and your soul through the practice of yoga.  



Photography courtesy of Juhn Kwon.