Our Philosophy

We want to provide yoga to all bodies and people, while honoring it’s ancient teachings. In a world where yoga has become popularized, we want to dig deeper into the origins of what it all means. We believe it is the right of every human to seek health, peace of mind, and internal knowledge. Yoga facilitates this.

Currently, many people can't afford to go to yoga on a regular basis. We ask ourselves, is it possible to sustain a yoga school without high expenses and trendy products? Is it possible to provide every individual with a basic practice that will strengthen their mind, body, and soul, without having to break their bank account? And, is it also possible to have yoga reflected in every part of our business model, with committed teachers working to nurture community and communicate the whole story of yoga? We are dedicated to providing quality, affordable and enjoyable yoga for our community.

Yoga's benefits should be available to all and your yoga studio should practice what it preaches.