Cannabis & Spirituality Part 2: Cannabis History

Saturday, May 25 @ 4:20pm

Education. Elevation. Empowered Mindfulness.

Cannabis enables a subtle shift toward a more mystical state. [It] softens this sharp subject-object dichotomy and help us feel more connected with the wider world. Such experiences dismantle the instrumental nature of most thinking and instead allow us to appreciate life for its own intrinsic value,” says Robert C. Fuller, Ph.D., a professor of religious studies at Bradley University

Join ECannaFlow for part two of their cannabis and spirituality workshop. This month we will explore the three main reasons that cannabis is seen as a spiritual tool, discover just how cannabis has been used as a spiritual aid around the globe since ancient times. We will also discuss the lengthy history of the spiritual use of cannabis in the United States.

During each workshop, our students participate in a selection of rituals inspired by experiences with shamans in the journeying space allowing for spaciousness in the body, calm in the mind and a better sense of the connection between Spirit, Mother Earth, and our individual human experience.

Inspired by our teachers, the indigenous Shipibo Onaya (shamans) with the aid of a variety of unique Amazonian plant medicines, awakened new profound respect for Plant Medicine & our favorite herb goddess, Cannabis. Connecting breath & body while opening the mind to the expanse of journey work while participating in immersive elevated programming.

This workshop is for students ages 21 and over with proper identification. Pre-Registration is required to join.

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