Calling in Abundance Soundbath with Gong & Crystal Bowls with A Soulful Cup
7:00 PM19:00

Calling in Abundance Soundbath with Gong & Crystal Bowls with A Soulful Cup

How to save your space: Venmo us at Radha-Yoga with “A soulful cup” as your note. $20 save a single space

Join Denise of A Soulful Cup as we open the beautiful space of Radha Yoga to sound healing, for the surrounding community.

A Sound Bath is an acoustic and meditative sound healing journey that relaxes the body, clearing the subconscious and the mind, and activating your body's natural healing systems, thus helping get rid of stress and all that no longer serves you .

Sound healing helps with:

Blocked Emotions



Deep Meditation

Mental Clarity

Focus and Ability to Concentrate

Insomnia Relief

Depression Management

Blood Pressure Normalization

Physical Pain

Emotional Trauma Release

Participants will be laying down for this experience - so feel free to bring everything that can help make your evening comfortable. Bring a mat, water and a blanket, a pillow if you'd like (whatever can help you make you feel at ease and relaxed), your crystals, etc and don't forget to wear comfortable clothes and enjoy the experience.


*PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME OR SLIGHTLY EARLY. It is suggested to buy tickets in advance/RSVP, as space is limited, and there is a chance the room might fill up.

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Plant Medicine and Movement
6:00 PM18:00

Plant Medicine and Movement

How to save your space: Venmo us at Radha-Yoga with “plant medicine & movement” as your note. $40 single space, $60 for two. 21+ only, in accordance to CA laws.

With cannabis legalization sweeping the nation and it’s therapeutic, pain relieving, and grounding benefits being rediscovered as tools for mindfulness, Plant Medicine & Movement is here to guide you in a transformative yoga experience.

Have you been curious of the ways CBD (the non-psychoactive part of cannabis with no mind altering effects) can alleviate stress, anxiety and pain, making relaxation much more accessible? How about your relationship with THC? Yogis have been consuming cannabis to aid in their meditative practice for thousands of years and this workshop will return to those ancient roots - providing a safe, educational, and blissful space to explore your body and mind through this lens.

We’ll take care of everything - just bring yourSelf, your mat, and an open mind. Consuming cannabis is optional.

Tentative schedule:

6PM Arrive, guided breathwork and intention setting

Arrive, connect, and get grounded.

615PM Thai partner yoga massage guided by Lo Brown

No partner necessary. This mini-class will feature optional use of CBD-rich balms to relieve pain in any sore muscles and joints (you won’t feel high but your body might melt into your mat). The perfect feel-good stretch for friends, lovers, strangers, and yoga instructors looking for adjustment inspiration.

715PM Infused slow flow guided by Minelli Eustacio

An all levels class that couples cannabis, slow hatha yoga, and conscious breathing to strengthen the connection between body and mind while creating a meditative yet challenging practice. A great way to slow down, observe, and cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself, your yoga practice, and cannabis.

8PM CBD Yin with Julie

Yin yoga is for surrender. Julie’s CBD yin class will unlock a level of relaxation and present moment awareness that can often be hard to cultivate when we arrive to our mats. Both yoga sessions will be accompanied by a live ambient soundscape, creating the perfect mood for elevation.

845PM Unwind and connect

To keep this experience intimate and private, space is limited and no ticket sales will happen at the door.

How to save your space: Venmo us at Radha-Yoga with “plant medicine & movement” as your note. 21+ only, in accordance to CA laws.

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