Shiva Sadhana Cannabis Circle

October 5, 5 - 7PM

Suggested Donation: $35

Venmo @Nico-Schwalbe to save your space

Having spent some time in India and a lot of time studying the Yoga tradition, Nico Schwalbe, Bhakti yoga instructor and social worker offering harm reduction approach to substance abuse, has developed an offering based on the traditional ceremonial use of cannabis in ascetic Shaiva yogic lineages that we are happy to share with our community.

This workshop is a cannabis ceremony featuring traditional mantras and practices that accompany cannabis consumption in yogic lineages. The ceremony begins with an introduction to the traditional uses of cannabis among ascetics, intention setting, sharing fears/hopes, and mantra meditation to drop in.

Cannabis is consumed in silence while internally repeating your manta meditation, leading into pranayama practice and live musical instrumentation with Shiva kirtan to honor the plant medicine and dive deeper. This workshop concludes with meditation and a satsang sharing circle to process the experience.

To keep the space intimate, this event is limited to 12 students. No walk-ins permitted. Ages 21+ only.