All of our teachers are certified, knowledgeable, maintain safe body mechanics, and aim to create a nurturing space for your yoga practice to flourish.

Minelli Eustacio

Minelli’s classes are inspired by the simplicity of mindful movement and deep breathing. She creates classes that feel good and have an emphasis on curiosity, non-judgment, and honoring your body by accepting it for what it is at this very moment. Expect to feel challenged and fulfilled.

Lo Brown

Lo’s classes are powerful, playful, and heartfelt. She takes a deep interest in motivating people to transform through sweat, laughter, relaxation and to live fearlessly on and off the mat!

Stephanie Palomino

Stephanie is a yogi by day and NICU nurse at night.

She enjoys offering blocks, straps, and other props to enhance proper alignment and guides fun and challenging flows.

Stephanie hopes to share her passion of yoga with you and believes this practice leads you to  "Be The Best Version of You"!


Giri’s classes are centered on embodied spirituality, the power of yoga as a tool for internal transformation. In his classes you will find a mixture of heart based instruction and mindfulness of movement. Giri primarily focuses on how the experiences of the body itself can lead a practitioner to discovering their authentic self, bringing moments of centeredness and joy in their day to day human experience on and off the mat. 


Maire-Rose Pike

Maire-Rose has been teaching yoga since 2010. Originally certified through Laughing Lotus in NYC, her classes are a joyful and poetic mixture of creative Vinyasa flow and traditional yoga asana incorporating wisdom from yoga philosophy and pulling from her own regular study and practices of yoga and meditation.

Chioma Nwosu

Chioma Nwosu is a certified yoga & meditation instructor, and stretch massage therapist! Chioma intuitively uses guided embodiment meditations to offer stress management tools for regular home practice.

During each yoga class her students arrive to a state of comfort and ease with a combination of yummy long-held stretches & a strong Vinyasa practice focused on alignment and generating heat from the core. Elements of movement focused on the sacral chakra are added and set to AfroBeat music to help nurture a sense of play.

Eveny Sanchez

Eveny is a Los Angeles based fashion designer and intuitive yoga instructor. She enjoys connecting with her students through mindful meditation, movement, and music. Her all level vinyasa classes promote free-flow energy throughout the body and provide strength and mental clarity, with an emphasis on chakra healing.