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Deep Twists and Arm Balances Workshop w/Maria Zavala

Class will start with a warm up of Sun Salutations and strong standing postures.  A variety of standing and seated twists will follow, along with an exploration and breakdown of arm balances: Bakasana (Crow), Vasistasana, and for seasoned practitioners, Tripod Headstand to Bakasana.

The postures in this workshop will help with:

  • Increased flexibility in the obliques
  • Toning and purifying the internal organs and glands of the torso
  • Increased flexibility in the spine
  • Arm balances increase strength in wrists, arms, upper back, and shoulders, and help to increase stamina
  • Arm balances help build abdominal strength (Uddiyana Banda)

This workshop is suitable for All Level students, with some yoga experience

Maria Zavala has the unique ability of harnessing her own practice and teaching expertise to understand both what her students are experiencing and how to guide them through it.  She studied over eight years with Tim Miller, Senior Ashtanga teacher, and has been teaching for over a decade.  She brings a lively, playful dynamic to the practice while maintaining disciplined focus.

Photo Credit: Edurne Salas

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