Yoga Fundamentals Workshop

An interactive workshop for beginners and advanced students looking to refine their practice.

A steady yoga practice will help you build strength, flexibility, balance, focus and inner peace. 

Do you struggle to feel comfortable in downward-facing dog? Not quite sure what to do with your shoulders in upward facing dog? Want to know how to safely transition from high to low plank? Yoga Fundamentals will guide you through the foundations of common yoga postures in an open and communicative learning environment. This class is taught by our Vinyasa teacher, Minelli, in a semi-private setting to ensure everyone gets personalized, hands-on attention.

You will learn how to move through a Vinyasa and gain better understanding of safe alignment of these shapes to create a flow that is perfect for your body. Leave this class feeling confident in any yoga class and with a foundation for your practice to flourish safely.

We recommend making a reservation in advance to guarantee your space.  

(no pre-payment required)

To pay for and guarantee your space, venmo us at Radha-Yoga with “Fundamentals” as your comment.

Unlimited Monthly Members:

FREE (one free workshop a month) or $15
Non-Members: $20